End Of Warranty and Due Diligence Inspections

Whether you build new wind park, warranty period by the OEM is ending or existing wind park is due to be sold or purchased, we can carry out the needed inspections with professional approach detailed to your specific needs.

Before turbine take over it is reliable to inspect the turbine thoroughly. Possible deficiencies in individual turbines or repeating flaws in the whole wind park can be identified in the inspection. Repair work can then be carried out by the OEM´s project personnel and you will not lose valuable production time afterwards. We can offer the right and customer detailed inspection package for all turbine brands.

When warranty period by the OEM is ending, it is recommended to perform a third party inspection. The purpose of the inspection is to find any defects that should be corrected before warranty obligation can be considered to be over. We will take care of the whole process from planning the inspection to execution and verifying the corrective actions.

When a wind park ownership is about the change there is also a need for 3rd party inspection. When both the buyer and the seller know the exact condition of the wind park the purchase action goes through smoothly and possible corrective actions can be decided before closing the deal.

Our extensive experience in designing, manufacturing and operation of wind turbines helps us to identify the most crucial issues. We are experienced in taking into account every substantial issue affecting turbine life cycle, but not forgetting the smallest details.

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