Pekka Vähäoja

My name is Pekka Vähäoja and I’m from Kalajoki, Finland and I have a 7 year-old son.

I did my master’s and doctorate for the University of Oulu. My doctorate ”Oil analysis in machine diagnostics” considered condition monitoring and lubricating oil analysis of industrial machinery.

I got my Ph.D. in 2006 and after that I spent a few more years at the university as a teacher and a postdoctoral researcher.

Pekka Vähäoja

I left the academic world on 2010 and started working for WinWind as a condition monitoring specialist. Since 2014 I’ve been working for WiCo. I have been in charge e.g. of condition monitoring and 3rd party inspections of wind turbines (remotely and on the spot) technical support, EOW inspections and now also quality system commissioning and maintenance. I have received ISO 18436-2 accredited Vibration Analyst Certification (Category III) for industrial condition monitoring by Mobius Institute.

From the beginning of May 2020, I will be the Technical manager of the WiCo Inspections team

The best thing about my job is that there are enough varying and challenging assignments, and I’m able to work on the customer interface. One moment I’m sitting at my desk, and the next I’m 140 meters high on top of a wind turbine. It’s great that I can absolutely trust my fellow WiCo professionals if I need help.