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Blade Inspections

We take care of wind turbine blades from design to energy production. Let us to inspect, plan and organize the safety of your investment with years of experience.

Blades are the most critical part of wind turbine in many way. Damage of a blade causes not only a break in power production but also a serious safety threat. With regular inspection the risk of damage can be reduced significantly. Our experts have long experience about blades starting from the design table to use in production. In our service selection are blade inspections in factory and at site during construction and production phases. We offer blade inspections by using both rope access and drones to reach the height of the blades.

Blade Inspection Service reduces risks

Our blade services consist of blade factory audits, site acceptance inspections and other blade inspections. The purpose of a blade factory audit is to ensure that the blades to be delivered are fulfilling the quality manuals and specifications. A detailed site acceptance inspection is an effective way to make sure that the blades to be installed are free of possible transportation and handling damages, reducing the risks of further failures during the operation and associated added repair costs.

Our experienced blade specialists analyze the findings and form a plan for corrective actions. Our technical experts make sure your investment meets the safety regulations and quality standard.

In addition to inspections we provide blade repair coordination where the repair is done by professional third party blade service providers. We do the planning, tendering, scheduling, supervision and reporting of the repair project. This ensures repair under our control, where the needed work – and only what is needed – is done cost efficiently.

Blade drone inspection

Recent development of drone technology enables a very quick and cost efficient way to inspect the blades. Within a down-time of about one hour per turbine, every inch of blade surface is documented by a High Definition photos. Additionally, thermographic imaging can be used to reveal any discontinuity under the surface. Our experienced blade specialists analyze the photos, document the results and give the repair plans. Let us inspect, plan and organize the safety and quality of your investment!

Rope Access Inspection

Whenever needed, our rope access technicians can be used to take a closer look. Our overall philosophy is to first filter out the good blades with the drone inspection and then use rope access to concentrate on the blades which require a more detailed inspection and/or repair. By the end of the day, the overall cost is minimized – mainly due to down-time savings from drone inspection.

Blade Repair Project Management

In addition to inspections, we offer project management for blade repair projects. The repair work itself is done by our qualified partners, whereas we plan, schedule, supervise and document the repair project. This concept ensures a cost-efficient repair where – and only where – repair is needed.

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